Become an elemental wizard! Combine elements to cast powerful spells. Outwit your opponents in contests of wizarding skill.

(Note: Please play in fullscreen mode for the best experience)


  • There are 8 elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Spirit, Dark
  • Each spell is a specific combination of elements. Cast spells by combining these  elements.
  • Element Cooldown: When an element is used to cast a spell, it takes time to replenish again. Every three seconds, a random used-up element is replenished.
  • Start with two spells.
  • Learn a new spell after winning each battle.
  • You can carry atmost 5 spells at a time. After that you can learn new spells by replacing a current spell.
  • HP is restored to maximum after each battle.
  • In the battle screen, you can hover on spells to see their effect.


  • Damage and Block: Attack spells do "damage". Damage reduces block first. If there's damage left over HP is reduced by this amount.
  • Weak (W): When a wizard with Weak>0 casts a "damage" spell, the spell does 25% less damage, and Weak is reduced by 1.
  • Vulnerable (V): When a wizard with Vulnerable>0 faces an incoming "damage" spell, the spell does 50% more damage, and Vulnerable is reduced by 1.
  • Poison (P): When a wizard with Poison>0 casts a spell, HP is reduced by the poison amount, and Poison amount is reduced by 1. (Block does not prevent HP loss by posion).
  • Thorns (T): When a wizard with Thorns>0 faces an incoming "damage" spell, a damage of amount equal to Thorns is dealt to the enemy immediately, and Thorns is reduced by 1 (Block will act on damage by Thorns).
  • Rage (R): Everytime the wizard loses HP in a combat, Rage value increases by 1. This is used by the "Payback" spell (Deal 5 damage for each Rage).


  • Click on any available element to start drawing a spell.
  • Move the mouse onto any other available element to continue drawing.
  • Complete the spell by returning to the first element selected.
  • If a spell corresponding to the element combination is available in the spellbook, it will be cast.
  • Hit 'Space' to pause the game.


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