A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Escape Vault is a puzzle platformer, where you avoid enemies, open doors, discover and operate mechanisms, plan your moves, and find a way to reach the exit door of each level.

Do let me know what you liked, and how I could improve the game. I would love to hear your thoughts. (Contact me at raghu.gamedev@gmail.com)

(Please note that I have only tested the Mac version of the game.)


Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Action
Esc: Pause Menu


Design, Implementation: Raghunandan M. A. (raghu.gamedev@gmail.com)

Game Engine: GDevelop

"Loading Screen Loop" (link) by Brandon Morris, HaelDB
"Crystal Cave (Song-18)" (link), "Victory Theme for RPG" (link) by cynicmusic (pixelsphere.org / The Cynic Project)
"51 UI Sound Effects" (link) by Kenney (www.kenney.nl)
"Platformer Sounds" (link) by yd
"Atmospheric Interaction Sound Pack" (link) by legoluft, qubodup
"Win Sound Effect" (link) by Listener
"Retro Damaged Sound" (link) by Prinsu-Kun

Thanks to Lalit, Sumedh, Amy, Sumana, Vikram and Nishanth for providing feedback on the initial versions.


Escape-Vault-2021-03-14-Mac.zip 69 MB
Escape-Vault-2021-03-14-Windows.zip 72 MB
Escape-Vault-2021-03-14-Linux.AppImage 76 MB

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